About us


We are a Central American company dedicated to the genetic improvement of dairy and meat cattle. We were born as an alternative to improve the productivity of animals from cutting-edge technology.


Our purpose is to increase the competitiveness of agricultural products, by reducing production costs in the cattle market, using genetics and training as main tools.


Our vision is to become a world reference in the field of animal genetics, guaranteeing the highest quality of specimens and the most advanced techniques in biotechnology.


Our mission is to contribute to the integral development of agricultural areas in the world, providing the tools for the genetic improvement of the species of each specific zone.

We have the most prepared specialists in the field of tropical cattle, they are trained to make the best recommendations according to the conditions of each specific farmer.

Here the International Genetic Center, different races adapt to grow and live in the environmental conditions of the humid tropics. In this way, the best specimens from around the world offer different alternatives to improve herds of local cattle.

Our story



A trip to Brazil that was intended to buy seeds to improve pastures in the northern area of ​​Costa Rica, became an opportunity to improve cattle from the animal.



It invests in the improvement of pastures in the area, importing improved pastures from Brazil.


Importation begins

Embryo import and state of the art genetics to get high performance donors.



We created the first genetics laboratory, exclusive for cattle, in Costa Rica. His first step was to study the conditions of local genetics.


First generation of cattle

The first group of animals with improved genetics was born at the CICAC Genetics Center.

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