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Genetics Center
High genetics laboratory
Research Center

In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory

First laboratory of animal genetics, exclusively dedicated to dairy and meat cattle. Not only do we have the latest technology equipment, but we also offer the services of highly qualified personnel to apply the most modern in vitro fertilization techniques.

Sexed embryos

Guarantee of adaptation and productivity at cattle crossings.

Cow Pregnancy

Process of genetic improvement through In Vitro Fertilization.

Semen evaluations

We can make genetics evaluations that any farmer wants.

DNA testing

We evaluate the fertility of the stallions with clinical precision.

By having these techniques, you should not waste time testing crosses because technology allows adapted breeding and acclimatized animals, taking the best available genetics from both the donor and the embryo recipient. We use incubation systems that reconstruct the conditions inside the cow's uterus.

Genetics Center

We develop crossings from technology. Resulting in animals that produce more and adapt better in a very short time.

We offer a series of services with high added value:

Producer Training

Training of farm personnel

Aspiration and Embryo Transfer

Accompaniment during the process

Nutrition Support

If we do not have the cattle you need, we will look for it anywhere in the world.

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Research Center

At the CIGAC Research Center, we are dedicated to the permanent and systematic study of environmental conditions and cattle productivity. Our process begins with the search for the optimal conditions in the soils, pastures and minerals of the breeding area, and ends with the animal's nutrition.

Through laboratory experimentation, we have exact control of what each breed and each donor can contribute to the genetics of an animal resulting from a cross. Our main interest is to allow the control and the exact estimation of the yields for the farmer.

As a result of years of research, we try to handle the food in a simple and completely natural way, so that the main components of the nutrition of these animals are grass, shade and mineral water, so that the final product is improved and the fertility of the animal is stimulated. This methodology allows to obtain good results regarding the amount of embryos offered by the donors.

Given the need to monetize, you must maximize performance. For this reason we use pre-initiators in the development of the calf, as well as a specific restricted breastfeeding system for each animal. We suspend the lactation of the calf after three months, thereby guaranteeing the standardization of the process and that its feeding consists of minerals and a meticulous cycle of pastures, to guarantee low production costs.

Some of our results

Cows - 12 months for oocyte extraction

Bulls - 18 months for sale as a stallion

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We take care of the process of adaptation to the producer's farm. You can visit us to let you know the options that best suit the context of your farm.

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